Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm so hysterical I've lost my eyesite!

From the comments section:
You're so hysterical it's affected your eyesight. Re-read the section. The "Advanced Care Planning Consultation" is a conversation between an individual and their doctor about their own choices regarding end of life care. For instance, what sort of life saving measures does THE PATIENT want taken if they have terminal cancer and go into cardiac attest.

The only mandate here is the government's mandate to pay for this VOLUNTARY conversation every 5 years.

Re-read it.

My response:
Oh, this End of Life consultation has cleared my vision and knocked off my rose colored glasses! I can see clearly now! My question to you Ordinary is it necessary for our government to pay doctors for this required 5 year End-Of-Life consultation? Who will be on the panel to make these decisions? My whole point this bill is going to enforce Doctors to discuss this EOL every 5 years on anyone who is 65 and over. It is voluntary but the Doctors will be paid for this EOL interview and an elderly person might not have all their mental capabilities and make the wrong decision.

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