Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Government HC will ration care

Why have the conservatives rallied on the End-Of-Life consultations that are mandated in Sec. 2330 of HR 3200? We don't want GOVERNMENT in the way of our care. Especially when it involves how we are to end our life. We want LESS GOVERNMENT in our way not MORE GOVERNMENT. From WSJ Obama's Senior Moment here:
Mr. Obama has also said many times that the growth of Medicare spending must be restrained, and his budget director Peter Orszag has made it nearly his life's cause. We agree, but then why does Mr. Obama want to add to our fiscal burdens a new Medicare-like program for everyone under 65 too? Medicare already rations care, refusing, for example, to pay for virtual colonsocopies and has payment policies or directives to curtail the use of certain cancer drugs, diagnostic tools, asthma medications and many others. Seniors routinely buy supplemental insurance (Medigap) to patch Medicare's holes—and Medicare is still growing by 11% this year.

The political and fiscal pressure to further ration Medicare would increase exponentially if government is paying for most everyone's care. The better way to slow the growth of Medicare is to give seniors more control over their own health care and the incentives to spend wisely, by offering competitive insurance plans. But this would mean less control for government, not more.

Obama says the elderly have nothing to worry about. But if Health care is rationed, those with the most care are going to receive less. The Seniors look at this Rationing and with the required End-Of-Life consultations as More Government Control over their life. This bill takes all control over your life and care and hands it to the GOVERNMENT. Period.
Namely, once health care is nationalized, or mostly nationalized, rationing care is inevitable, and those who have lived the longest will find their care the most restricted.

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