Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Are we losing our will to fight?

From Victor David Hansen on our will to fight in Iraq:
So we are at a crossroads of all places in Iraq. The war there has metamorphosized from a successful effort to remove a mass-murdering dictator into the frontlines of the entire struggle between Islamic radicalism and Western liberality. If we withdraw before the elected government stabilizes, the consequences won't just be the loss of the perceptions of power, but perhaps the loss of real power. What follows won't be the impression that we are weak, but the fact that we are--as we convince ourselves we cannot win against such horrific enemies, and so should never again try.

HT from Blogs for Bush.
I keep saying that on 9/11 I knew we were at War. The enemy attacked us. We must keep up the fight until they (the terrorists) give up. What ever political view one has either Democrat or Republican, we all live in America. We go to work everyday, our kids go to school, we go to church (or free to not go to church) free to do what we want in our lives. We all live in the same republic and the constitution protects our liberty and freedom to choose. We must not give up. I keep the image of people jumping out of the World Trade Center in my mind. I can't give up the fight. Too many people died that day that were just going to work and doing what they choose to do.

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