Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank you Zig!

You know I'm glad this latest Kerry quote came out. I was listening to John Ziegler on KFI Monday night (640 AM 7 - 10 pm) when the Kerry quote was played. Ziegler is really on the game. I knew this would break the next day on Drudge and Rush's show. It has gotten the Republican base on the offence, energized and ready to roll over the Dems on next Tuesday! The President has asked JFK to apologize to the troops (He's on the offense). We couldn't have asked for a Karl Rove plot either. Thanks to John Ziegler! He is a saint! (i.e. from the Church of Tiger Woods!). Heh!

HH has a quote that I want to repeat here.
Any vote for any Democrat is a vote against victory and a vote for vulnerability. It is also a vote against the military.

Vote on Tuesday, November 7th. Vote for the troops, Vote for our Children, Vote for our future. But please DON'T VOTE for a Democrat! No Plan, No Vision, No Future.

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