Saturday, November 11, 2006

Take their Federal Funding away!

Orange Coast College is so socalistic! The governement should take its funding away from the Community college.
The move was lead by three recently elected student trustees, who ran for office wearing revolutionary-style berets and said they do not believe in publicly swearing an oath to the American flag and government at their school. One student trustee voted against the measure, which does not apply to other student groups or campus meetings.

The ban follows a 2002 ruling by a federal appeals court in San Francisco that said forcing school children to recite the pledge was unconstitutional because of the phrase "under God." The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the ruling on procedural grounds but left the door open for another challenge.

"That ('under God') part is sort of offensive to me," student trustee Jason Bell, who proposed the ban, told Reuters. "I am an atheist and a socialist, and if you know your history, you know that 'under God' was inserted during the McCarthy era and was directly designed to destroy my ideology."

Well I'm captialistic and a christian and I'm offended that a federally funded college is doing this! We should write to the President of the College Bob Dees and to the Community Coast College District Spokesperson Martha Parham at

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