Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lebanon crisis

I think the puppet masters are taking over in Lebanon. This is Hezbollah's attempt to become the only "government" in Lebanon. It reminds me of what Hitler did to take over governments. I pray that Hezbollah will be over thrown someday. I just hope we don't become the community of the John Kerry's "Global Test." The Christian Government that is left in Lebanon is being wiped out by the jihiadist Hezbollah with Syria and Iran as the puppet masters.
Pierre Gemayel, Lebanon’s Industry Minister and son of a former President, was shot dead yesterday in his car in a Beirut suburb. It was the first assassination of a leading anti-Syrian figure in almost a year.

The murder of the 34-year-old minister is certain to increase political tensions in Lebanon, where the militant Shia Hezbollah party is leading a drive to overturn the Western-backed Government.

Here is a list of assassinations in Lebanon:
February 2005 Rafik Hariri, former Prime Minister, truck filled with explosives

June 2005 Samir Kassir, a journalist, car bomb

June 2005 George Hawi, anti-Syria politician, car bomb

December 2005 Gebran Tueni, anti-Syria journalist and MP, car bomb

November 2006 Pierre Gemayel, Industry Minister, shot in car

From Counterterrorism Blog here:
Hence, as we witnessed today in Beirut, the "Terror arm" of the Syro-Iranian camp moved forward to strike the Government instead.

1) Killing three ministers would paralyze the functioning of the cabinet per internal regulations. The assassination of Pierre Gemayel is a step in the campaign to "empty the cabinet" of its members.

2) This assassination aims at intimidating civil society from mobilizing against the pro-Syrian campaign.

In response, the international community should act swiftly in defense of Lebanon's population under the UN Chapter 7, by voting a new resolution to reinforce the UNIFIL in Lebanon and endow it with a deterrence and security mandate to protect civil society from violence as was the case in East Timor and Kosovo.

The Cedars Revolution real and strategic response to the Terror War waged against Lebanon's civil society should be to press for the removal of Emile Lahoud from the Presidency and disband his security operatives.

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