Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pledge re-instated

My Hats off to the Student Vice-President of Orange Coast College. She has the sense to re-instate order and overturn the socalists!
Orange Coast College's student vice president said Monday that she will order the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited at all upcoming meetings, following a decision by the student government representatives last week to remove the pledge from their agendas.

During public comment at Monday's board meeting, Sage Michael, a friend of student Vice President Christine Zoldos, asked all interested patrons to join him in saluting the flag. Roughly two thirds of the crowd stood and recited the pledge, while the remainder sat in silence.

Zoldos, who cannot attend Monday meetings because of a scheduling conflict, said she had sent Michael on her behalf and would enlist a friend to lead the pledge for her on Mondays in the future. The board meets twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

"I look at the pledge as a unifying symbol," Zoldos said. "You're not pledging allegiance to the government or God; you're pledging allegiance to the republic that was created by the constitution. We live in a world of divisional multiculturalism, and we're all united by the flag."

And so said our founding fathters and the republic that supports liberty and justice for all! I'll have to send her an e-mail.

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