Monday, November 13, 2006

Lynn Daucher is leading by...

Lynn Daucher's race with Lou Correa is closing but she still leads by 764 votes. There was a late write in on the Ballot headed by some democratic PAC to throw off some of Lynn's vote. The name Otto Bade was on the Robo-calls to write in the Real conservative. Hat Tip to Red County OC Blog. The Liberal OC blog has a cattle call out for Democratic observers at the county Registar Recorder for counting the absentee ballots here by the Orange County Young Deomocrats.

Reminds me of 2000 a bit. Lynn ran a great race and I remember her dilligence as our Assemblywoman.
From OCBlog today:
Over at the OC Democratic Party blog, Executive Director Mike Levin still contends Lou Correa has a very good chance of overcoming Lynn Daucher's vote advantage -- although his tone is less certain than it has been. Correa's and the Democrats' hopes of victory are based on the presumption there is a large enough pool of uncounted ballots cast in Lou Correa's favor.

The firmness to which that hope is tethered to reality is difficult to guess, but I think Mitchell's point is well taken that as the number of uncounted ballots dwindles, the rate at which Correa must capture them steepens.

Again, lets hope the numbers are in tonight and we don't have any problems with "recounts" from Lou's side.

Monday, 11/13 5 PM
UPdate: Lynn's lead has narrowed to 361! Yikes!
Tuesday, 11/14 5PM
Yikes again! the Daucher lead is now 302!

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Mike Lawson said...

The lead is getting smaller and smaller....I wonder if Lou will be able to close the gap.

This is a real race.

It's sad that so many of the political stories we read are about one candidate that will most definitely win v.s. another that will most definitely not.

Time will tell.