Sunday, July 22, 2007

The 9/11's

The generation of the 9/11's are our greatest generation yet. I guess the greatest of those who fight always skip a generation (WWII and 9/11). The boomers were the love and peace generation that protested the Vietnam war and avoided the draft.
A great article over at Weekly Standard talks about the 9/11's by Dean Barnett. I like the "chowdar head" who blogs at Hugh Hewitt.
Confronted with a generation-defining conflict, the cold war, the Boomers--those, at any rate, who came to be emblematic of their generation--took the opposite path from their parents during World War II. Sadly, the excesses of Woodstock became the face of the Boomers' response to their moment of challenge. War protests where agitated youths derided American soldiers as baby-killers added no luster to their image.

Few of the leading lights of that generation joined the military. Most calculated how they could avoid military service, and their attitude rippled through the rest of the century. In the 1970s, '80s, and '90s, military service didn't occur to most young people as an option, let alone a duty.

But now, once again, history is calling. Fortunately, the present generation appears more reminiscent of their grandparents than their parents.
Bill Kristol says of the 9/11's:
Having turned against a war that some of them supported, the left is now turning against the troops they claim still to support. They sense that history is progressing away from them--that these soldiers, fighting courageously in a just cause, could still win the war, that they are proud of their service, and that they will be future leaders of this country. They are not "Shock Troops." They are our best and bravest, fighting for all of us against a brutal enemy in a difficult and frustrating war. They are the 9/11 generation. The left slanders them. We support them. More than that, we admire them.

I'm from the boomer generation. But I never thought bad of the Military. I always felt that to serve your country was the highest honor. Our freedom to live and work is dependent on protecting our country from the enemy. When I met my husband he was in the NAVY. He was a "Cold War" warrior, fighting against Communism. (Now Retired) He told me he always wanted to serve his country. And before he retired he told me if he was deployed again he would do it no questions asked. And I supported that decision totally. We both support the MISSION And the TROOPS!

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