Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Don't call it a failure...yet

From a David Limbaugh's townhall column:
Despite their unconvincing protests to the contrary, it's painfully obvious liberals just don't believe in our cause in Iraq. Their behavior cannot be explained any other way. They're clearly rooting against, indeed trying to preempt the surge and otherwise thwart our mission.

If they wanted the surge to work, they wouldn't be declaring it a failure prior to the date Commander David Petraeus set for fairly evaluating our progress -- especially considering that many signs are pointing to the surge's success.

Reports coming out of Iraq indicate that our new strategy of rooting out terrorists and holding the areas is working. Evidence is accumulating that even if our homegrown liberals aren't, the Iraqi people are increasingly turning against Al Qaeda, largely because of their brutality. Sectarian violence, for now, is declining.

Please wait for Septembers report. Let our troops complete the mission.

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