Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog mission

I saw this on Hugh by Dean Barnet this morning.
This has the same MO as the "Genghis Khan" of Lt. Kerry. The New Republic prints an article of an anonymous "Thomas" telling of war atrocities in Iraq. Called "Shock Troops" here. (registration required) Micheal Goldfarb asks the Blogosphere for help investigating the story. We smell a fish when we see one!
But we believe that the best chance for getting at the truth is likely to come from the combined efforts of the blogosphere, which has, in the past, proven adept at determining the reliability of such claims. To that end we'd encourage the milblogging community to do some digging of their own, and individual soldiers and veterans to come forward with relevant information--either about the specific events or their plausibility in general.

Does anyone who has served at FOB Falcon remember hearing about or seeing the humiliation of this woman? Do they know her name and how we might get in contact with her to confirm the author's account of the events that day?

Is anyone familiar with a combat outpost a few miles south of the Baghdad airport where a mass grave of Iraqi children was discovered? What about the other parts of the story? And does anyone else know of Bradleys careening wildly through the streets of Baghdad?

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