Friday, July 13, 2007

Vets for Freedom

I just saw this on Powerline here about Vets For Freedom. This is a group of veterans from Afghanistan and Iraqi Wars. I think they got the right idea from The Swift boat Veterans from Vietnam. They will be storming DC on July 17. We need to support these vets. Call, E-mail or fax your Congressional Representative. Also go over to Hugh Hewitt and contact the chicken hawk Republican Senators.
1) We have the support of numerous other vets organizations -— American Legion, Troops Need You, Gathering of Eagles, Appeal for Courage, Move America Forward, Troop Talk, and more.

2) If we do this right, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans —- and the blog and talk radio communities -- could transform the Iraq war debate, much like they did for immigration. And this event could be a starting point.

3) We need vets to show up -— despite time constraints and financial’s too important.

We all should Blog storm next week! Our country needs to win this war. We need to bat down the defeatists Reid and Pelosi! And go to Victory Caucus too. Fight the Fight and Win the War.

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