Tuesday, July 10, 2007

more Harry Mania

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Ken Johnston Sr., a former test pilot for NASA who said he helped train astronauts during the Apollo era, has now found a new calling in dressing as Dumbledore. The Belen, New Mexico, resident put his alter ego to use when he helped auction a signed copy of a Harry Potter book on his eBay store to benefit a local library. The buyers came down from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Belen to claim their book, and they were greeted by Johnston in full costume. He was accompanied by a local cub scout dressed as Harry Potter.

He said he has attended past film openings wearing his outfit and was making plans to attend the latest film opening in character.

I was at the World Science Fiction Convention when 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone' won the Hugo for Best Novel. I was not impressed back then. But since reading the books I'm such a big fan. (Got sucked right in.)

At 870 pages, this is JK Rowling's longest book, and by consensus, it's not her best. Director David Yates and screenwriter Michael Goldenberg (Peter Pan) have been more ruthless with the red ink than their predecessors, for which movie fans should certainly be grateful. In fact, at 138 minutes this is the shortest of the Potter movies to date.

I disagree with some of the reviews of The Order of the Phoenix book saying it was not Ms. Rowlings best. On the contrary I've read it the most out of all the 6 books so far I think it is her best.

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