Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nancy's not too happy with her House!

"I'm not happy with Congress, either," Pelosi, of San Francisco, conceded.

She pinned the blame on "the obstructionism of the Republicans in the United States Senate."

Immigration has joined Iraq, stem cell research, Medicare drug pricing, the 9/11 Commission's recommendations and other promises in the dustbin of the current Congress. Heading into a July Fourth recess after a bruising failure on immigration, Congress has a public approval rating in the mid-20s, lower than Bush's and no better than Republicans' ratings on the eve of their catastrophic election defeat in November, when the GOP lost control of the Senate and the House.

So little has been achieved that Reid threatened to hold the Senate in session during the August recess, the congressional equivalent of torture.

And Uncle Harry's going to slap his children's hands! Shame on you Senators for not passing the Immigration bill when the rest of us (80%) Don't want it. You can't shove it down our throats without the committee hearings and you didn't even have the bill ready for voting on!

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