Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Surge and Politics

Over at Blackfive and the politicians talk about failure when it is working!
The whole point of the Surge is to address this particular problem. It is six months in the making, if you count from the start of the buildup. If the politicos in Washington set goals that Iraq could not realize, that is their own fault. It is the fault of those whose goals were set without bothering to take any account of military reality.

We've got people who are risking their lives every day to give Iraq the chance embodied by the Surge. There are 25 million people in Iraq whose lives depend on the outcome. These games in DC and among the press, they are beyond reprehensible. Real lives are at stake here -- better lives than the ones lived by these politicians and journalists.

The troops are doing a great job. A-Q is leaving in droves from the areas our troops are fighting in. Micheal Yon's reports about the A-Q bastards aren't being reported in the MSM. And I'm discussed at the republicans who are dropping their support for the war. We are winning over there. We are loosing the PR war over here. Mr. President get up on your bully pulpit and speak out. The troops need it to continue on with the mission and win the PR war too. Victory is the only way to win.

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